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Law Day - Public Displays & Presentations.
Click here to see a picture slide show of Tuba City Law Day 2007.
Click here to see a picture slide show of Window Rock Law Day 2007.
Click here to see a picture slide show of Tuba City Law Day 2006.

News Release - NFPA grant helps Navajo Nation with smoke alarm installations.
Click here to see a PowerPoint slide of the installation demographics and training.

The Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services is actively involved in educating the public in fire prevention and safety through a variety of community activities designed to promote public safety. Some of those programs include:

Test Your Detector
  • Fire Safety w/ Fire Extinguisher
  • OSHA mandate classes (Right to Know, Haz-Mat Awareness, etc.)
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Station tours
  • Equipment displays
  • Career days
  • Health fairs
  • Individual classroom (K-3) programs with Sparky ®.

Any of these presentations are free of charge (except for CPR), and available to all Chapters and organizations within the Navajo Nation. Fire prevention assemblies are normally presented each year during Fire Prevention Week (in October). Literature on a variety of fire safety related topics are also available.

The Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services also provides technical assistance to local fire departments, health educators, medical and public health professionals, classroom teachers, elder service providers, community and service organizations, parents, caregivers, and anyone else interested in collaborating on fire and life safety education programs. The NNF&RS can assists fire prevention efforts by:

  • Conducting research to identify nationwide fire safety education needs utilizing the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).
  • Coordinating existing local and county fire and injury prevention efforts.
  • Developing goals, programs, and partnerships to increase local and county fire and injury prevention efforts.
  • Serving as liaison between federal, state, and local agencies and organizations involved in fire and life safety.
  • Developing public education materials in several forms and by making the materials available for local, county and nationwide use.

We encourage the public to visit our fire stations to learn ways of protecting themselves from fire and injury, and to get to know how the Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services strives to make our community safer.

If you are interested in any of these programs, contact Fire Administration at (928) 871-6915, or the nearest station near you.



Fire Safety Trailer

The Fire Safety Trailer is ready!! This trailer was purchased through the Fire Prevention and Safety Grant, under the Assistance to Firefighter Act Grant, offered by the Department of Homeland Security and painted/stickered by Navajo Nation McDonald's stores. The grant and McDonald's has given the Navajo Nation Department of Fire & Rescue Service's the ability to build and present a progressive and vital public education program.

This trailer will be used to educate children and adults about fire safety in the home, as well as how to escape the home when fire strikes. The trailer is just like a normal travel trailer. It is equipped with a kitchen and bedroom, except this trailer is not for traveling. With this trailer, children and adults will be taught about kitchen safety, using 911, reacting to smoke detectors and how to exit a home safely and quickly. The trailer is equipped with a smoke machine to demonstrate how blinding a smoke filled room can be. With the smoke machine, we can teach people of all ages how to stay low in a fire.

The Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services will schedule visits to any elementary schools to teach elementary school children these concepts. We will also use the trailer at numerous other venues over the course of the year, especially during the Navajo Nation Fairs.

Pictures of the Fire Safety Trailer are provided. To request a visit by the Safety Trailer and Sparky, contact the Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services.

Kitchen Observation Bedroom Ladder Control



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