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Welcome to the Navajo Nation Department of Fire & Rescue Service's website.

This site is intended to be a useful tool as you gather information about the Navajo Nation Fire Department and the services we provide. We thank you for visiting, and hope you'll take the time to explore the entire site and learn more about the Navajo Nation Fire Department and our commitment to serving the Navajo Nation's residents and visitors. Check back often as new pages are added.

Plan of Operation (Purpose)
Pursuant to the Navajo Nation Department of Fire & Rescue Services’ Plan of Operation, we exist to safeguard the public welfare by protecting life, health and property from fire, hazardous materials and other perils.

The Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services envisions the organization as a role model to other departments and organizations to use non-traditional means, granted under the sovereignty of the Navajo Nation, to provide highly effective, efficient and customer oriented service to our own personnel and to the people of the Navajo Nation. This vision is embarked on by having highly trained, dedicated and compensated personnel operating with the best equipment and well-maintained vehicle fleet, encompassed by supportive and dedicated administrative personnel.

The mission statement of the Navajo Nation Department of Fire & Rescue Servcie was created by the members of the organization. Our mission is to:

  • Protect from harm and further harm
  • Educate to reduce threats against life and property
  • Develop and train to increase knowledge and skill base
  • Respect by being nice, kind, patient and compassionate
  • Conserve and Protect the sovereignty of the Navajo Nation and the Navajo Culture

The mission of the Navajo Nation & Rescue will be supported through:

  • Personnel safety and training
  • The development and update of policies and procedures
  • An awareness of the Navajo history and culture
  • Preparation, innovation and involvement with local and surrounding entities and agencies
  • Quality and progressive training of personnel

Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles for achieving the vision and mission, and making a better organization, include:

  • Participation – being involved in the department
  • Empowerment – using the sovereignty protection of the Navajo Nation to our advantage
  • Cooperation – helping one another
  • Development – investing in education and professional development for improvement
  • Creativity – developing better ways to accomplish the department goals
  • Decision making – all decisions made are with the end (vision) in mind and inline with the mission
  • Accountability – responsible for our own actions (or inactions)
  • Advancement – opportunity for promotion and advancements
  • Service – are based upon the needs of the people. They are the customers.

Our Services
Firefighting involves a lot more than many people would think. For the fire service, the control and mitigation of fires historically has been and currently still is the sole purpose of its existence, and a key component in the philosophy and mission statement of the organization. As the philosophy and mission statement changed (to accommodate a changing world), and grew from preventing and controlling fires, to a general term of protecting life and property, so did the duties and responsibilities of the firefighter. In any event, when life and property is affected, firefighters are the first to be called to control the threat and stabilize the incident. From fighting fires, the roles to protect life and property have now expanded to include:

  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Hazardous Materials Response
  • Technical Rescue (Vehicle/Machinery, High Angle, Trench, Ice/Swift Water, Structural Collapse and Confined Space)

With what the firefighter is now faced with, a new role has been added to the fire service for the protection of life, health and property. This new role is the response to WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION INVOLVING THE USE 0F BIOLOGICAL, NUCLEAR, INCENDIARY, CHEMICAL AND EXPLOSIVES.

Risk Management
The Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services responds on the assumption that life and property can be saved. In assuring the safety of its personnel, firefighters respond and operate under a simple risk management plan.

  • We will risk our lives, in a highly calculated manner, to save a life.
  • We will risk our lives a little to protect savable property.
  • We will not risk our lives to save what is already lost.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you have any questions, please contact the nearest Navajo Nation Fire Station.

Below are links to the district fire stations. Enjoy!

Station 10 | Station 40 | Station 50 |Station 60 |Station 70 |Station 80


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