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The Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services is in need of people for all branches of service: Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians. Being part of the Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services is a great way to contribute to the welfare of all those who live and work in our community and to gain experience in the field of emergency services. We hope to see you at one of our Stations soon!

If you are interested in joining, or just want to find out what being a member of the Navajo Nation Fire & Rescue Services is all about, stop in and talk with some of our members.

For a volunteer position (Apply Here)


To be a successful firefighter you need to be physically fit, articulate and confident with people in a wide range of situations. Not all firefighters time is taken up with emergency work. Time is allocated to training, self-improvement and educational activities with the public.

If you would like to become a volunteer firefighter, you will need to do the following things. Contact your local fire station for further assistance:

Obtain a High School Diploma or GED.
Obtain an Arizona Driver’s Licenses.
Submit an Application (Click Here for Application).
Background Check (OBI, NNIMS, State)

When all these requirements have been met, you will begin training in firefighting and rescue work. The Navajo Nation conducts there own in-house training. Through these trainings and upon successful completion of the programs, you will become certified as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician.

Non-Firefighter Volunteer Positions

If you are not interested in performing emergency service delivery, we have many opportunities available in the support services sector. We are always looking for people to teach fire, health and life safety education programs, prevent fires through code enforcement activity, help out around the station, and support our firefighters during large accidents. If you are interested, contact the Navajo Nation Fire Department nearest you.

Just because you don't want to fight fires, doesn't mean you can't help your community.

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