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Safeguard the public welfare by protecting life, health and property from fire, hazardous materials and other perils.


To provide highly effective, efficient and customer-oriented service to the people of the Navajo Nation.


The mission statement of the Navajo Nation Department of Fire and Rescue Service was created by the members of the organization. Our Mission is to:

  • Protect the harm and further harm.
  • Educate to reduce threats to increase against life and property.
  • Develop and train to increase knowledge and skill base.
  • Respect by being nice, kind, patient and compassionate.
  • Conserve and Protect the sovereignty of the Navajo Nation and the Navajo Culture.

Program Services

The control and mitigation of fires historically have been and currently still are the sole purpose of its existence and a key component in the philosophy and mission statement of the organization. As the philosophy and mission statement changed and grew from preventing and controlling fires to a general term of protecting life and property, so did the duties and responsibilites of the firefighter including:

Emergency Medical

Hazardous Materials

Technical Rescue

(Vehicle/Machinery, High Angle, Trench, Ice/Swift Water, Structural Collapse and Confined Space)

Fire Response

(Structure Fires, Wildland Fires, Vehicle Fires, Rubbish Fires, etc.)

Fire Prevention

(Fire Safety courses, Facility Inspectons, Pre-plan Inspections, etc.)

Public Information

Executive Order No. 02-2023, Implementing the Navajo Nation Energy Policy of 2013

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